Flexible and cost effective programs and service packages available to fit any operation. Single unit skid systems or full facility integration services available to meet the specific needs of each client.

OGW's flexibility and consistency provides our clients the best solution for process water upcycling. OGW offers Water Recycling applications for Food & Beverage process water, Industrial process water, and for O&G produced/flowback water. OGW's technology and experience cost effectively cleans the water to a client's desired parameters for re-use on site or for re-sell. Contact us today to review the cost benefit and ROI for upcycling your water resources.

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Water becoming a pain in your bottleneck?
OGW is the answer.


We love nothing more than to help our clients remove the water bottlenecks holding up their operations. WWTP surcharges too high? Municipal increases in water purchase and disposal fees eating into your operational budget? Wastewater PR becoming the baseline for your sustainability program? SWD site limited by permitted capacity? Production site so far from an SWD that trucking is killing your bottom line?  OGW is the answer!

Our team of filtration experts work to solve the water challenges of today for a more productive tomorrow. Years of research and experience in water management have led to the finest team in the market.

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OGW's Oil & Gas solution is a proprietary, mobile platform based, process for transferring, filtering, and holding water for re-use on site or for re-sell to outside markets.


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