“Comprehensive water stewardship policies are critical to avoid the risks present at several points in the supply chain of meat producers...”  -Sister Patricia Daly of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment. 

The industrial effluent produced in specific markets is a challenge to today's focus on sustainable practices. Fresh water is increasingly the center of a company's sustainable program which can focus on the environmental impacts as well as the cost impacts of this resource. OGW offers a service solution to manage this resource effectively; positively impacting your PR and your bottom line at the same time.

For example, the food production industry uses millions of gallons of fresh water each day in the US to perform many tasks in and around the production processes and physical plant. OGW offers a wide range of treatment options which are flexible enough to target specific contaminants and sequenced to a)eliminate the expense of costly surcharges or b)create a re-usable water stream on site. Major contaminant classes addressed with an OGW system include BOD, COD, FOG, TKN, TSS and Bacteria.


OGW provides consistency you can count on. When deciding to introduce an OGW system to your operational plan, knowing you can always rely on this resource is key. QC methods and third party verification along with on site operators and remote technical monitoring are all part of providing this consistent and reliable service to the client.


We work every day to perfect water filtration in all its forms; keeping this valuable resource healthy and viable to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

the process - F&B


First and foremost the units built by OGW are all designed and robust enough to meet the client's contamination and re-use needs. This means that units are customized with NSF approved materials as needed. Units may also be skid mounted or slab installed and may include infrastructure pieces to meet each clients specific operational needs.


The key to effectively cleaning any set of water or effluent is layering the steps and sequencing them so that you get the most bang for your buck.  The units transition between mechanical, chemical, and biological options as needed so that each step reaches its maximum efficiency. 


At OGW, we've taken our collective experience in closed loop  water management to create our own methodology to meet market demand for an economical, re-usable, water stream.

the purpose - F&B

Water becoming a pain in your bottleneck?

OGW is the answer!


The service offered by OGW is truly what sets us apart. OGW does not simply sell a machine, but offers a partnership with each client where on site OGW operators and client operations staff work together to meet the day to day needs of each location. Each unit is custom built and each operator is custom trained to provide the best service possible to each individual client.


We pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach which relies on consistent output and quality control through independent lab verification at every stage.